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welche Steroide auf die Masse(non-registered)
welche Steroide auf die Masse
Jamie Chancer(non-registered)
great work George.

Rena Svokos(non-registered)
Passionate work. Very moving.
Lorenzo De Nobili(non-registered)
I really like your photos! London once are amazing!
Nicky Conti(non-registered)
your photos say alot ...more than can be expressed in words
Vassilis Stamatopoulos(non-registered)
Great Work... Keep on the good work..
Tilemachos Ioannou(non-registered)
Fantastic Photo's! Well done! Keep shooting....
Lampadariou Eleni(non-registered)
I said it before and I 'll say it again: your photos make me dream. Loved the portraits. Keep shooting....
Iraklis Lampadariou(non-registered)
You've really got it! I could say that your photographs are amazing and they are inspiring. Yes, definitely I name this art. You should further develop your skills in photography and move forward and break some rules.
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